Friday, July 13, 2012

W4lr6s's Happy Dreams

Where have all my happy dreams gone? I thought that by now, now that I am 22, I would be in a committed relationship with a short yet lively, smart, musical, cute girl , living a great life as a youth who discovers the world as a bright place full with love and joy, excelling in my studies and having a great self-esteem, and also an able leader for people of my age, living up to the expectations they have of a bright Melanau boy, living my musical dream by being in an alternative rock band which is open and eager for musical experimentation, openly espousing liberal ideas that would change and shock the nation of its racist slumber, and despite all that glory, still remains a humble, shy boy who remains loyal to his old, close friends and hopelessly in love with his girl, who also loves him back for his gentleness, kindness and selflessness-

-Wake up W4lr6s! You're living in a socially conservative society where your dreams go to die!

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