Saturday, June 18, 2011

This Little Blue World

-It is June. I am supposed to be working on my project, namely the research on the topic of linguistic relativity, but I haven't progressed at all since I started collecting and reading all the related stuffs. Of course, I have understood a few key points, but as a whole, the project is not at all progressing, and I have only until next Friday to conclude my research.

-I am also supposed to be studying Philosophy, but the fact that all the philosophical books are formidable, hard to understand (I suspect one of the reasons is because the authors, who happen to be philosophers as well, are crazy, so they just can't make use of easy-to-understand language) and thick, makes it harder for me to endure it, and I suspect that me too is fast becoming a philosopher (read: crazy).

-This little blue world, is not blue. Nor is it little. But it is for me. Apparently.