Monday, April 30, 2012

Belief, Faith, Trust and Desire

We humans are a weird species. We have imaginations, we have thoughts, we have linguistic ability which is very complicated and hard to understand when analysed, despite the fact that we use it every day in communication, in forming our thoughts, in our various and many attempts at understanding the world, either for trivial purposes, or for big purposes, for instance, in order to deepen our religious understanding, to make this world a better place, or simply to further our own achievements as a person.

With language ability, capability for imagination, and logical thought, we start organizing the perceivable world, that is the reality perceivable to us, into categories in order to make our life much easier. We do categorizations so that we may distinguish edible food from inedible rocks, we may tell the difference between 1 and 2, we will not mistake our wives for our refrigerators. This ability to categorize between things have enabled us to survive and pass our genes to future generations. thereby making it possible to humans to maintain their existence.

Yet, those three abilities demand from us something else, apart from just categorizing external world. They also demand us to distinguish between our own selves-our own egos-and everything else. And this ego wants to live, it wants to survive, it wants things. These wants ultimately form desires, that is the desire to survive as an ego that is our own identity, the ego that is us.

The ego demands survival. Hence it requires a future, the future in which the ego can somehow be sustained, despite the knowledge that our bodies will decay and die-a knowledge that is deducted from our logical observations of the physical world. And the same logical deduction deducts that there is a future in which the ego will not survive-which is against the ego's desire to survive. And this causes despair in the ego, the ego is tarnished, it will not accept its own logical prophecy that it will not survive.

Hence, the imagination which serves to make the ego sustainable, creates its own dimension of future, in which the ego can survive death. And the imagination makes it real. It becomes so real, that it fits the physical world so perfectly, as the Unseen. And the desire solidifies to become Belief, a belief in a perpetual future that will fit the perpetual ego.

The future becomes real, as Faith has come into being. And Faith has in it Trust, the trust that the ego puts in its own imagination. It becomes logical, that the ego has to survive, that the ego will bring with it both the good things and the bad things it is affiliated with, the blessings and the sins. The blessings demand rewards, the sins remand paybacks-in the form of Redemption or Retribution, which will suit the sins, and makes the ego full as a real existence, knowing that it is acknowledged not only by its own self, not only by the physical world, but also by the alternative dimensional future in which it survives as a perpetual being.

It is the desire that demands that we have a belief in God, Heaven or Hell. It doesn't matter how the concepts of God, Heaven, Hell, or anything Unseen is somehow illogical in a purely faithless perspective-Faith is a Desire, and Desire demands that the Ego that is us, be acknowledged as a full existence, an existence that has God's imprints in it, the blessing from Heaven, and the retribution from Hell. In that the Ego finds its solace, and puts its Trust.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pictures of Reality

Is there a truth? Is there a salvation? Is there an escape from reality that turns worse each and every time we check it? Is there a God? Is there a reason to believe, to worship and to trust in His existence? Is there a reason to believe that everything we see has a deeper, hidden meaning that is real? Is there freedom? Is there responsibility? Is there hope? Is there a reason to have faith that things will be good in the end? Is there a meaning whatsoever to these series of unfortunate events? Is there a reason to be good and to avoid evil? Is there peace? Is there anything at all that's worth believing?

By Grace of Natural God, I do not know, nor do I believe, and yet nor do I reject. Amen.

Si c'est la verité, je n'accepte pas: Je ne peux si terrible verité accepter pas plus. Jamais!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

If it weren't for a Babylonian named Avram, a Jew named Moshe, and a Galilean named Yeheshua, we wouldn't have what we call Islam today. Stop being anti-Semitic, this just fuels the Israelis' anxiety that Palestine as an independent state would be an enemy state, and hence must be prevented.