Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Pictures of Reality

Is there a truth? Is there a salvation? Is there an escape from reality that turns worse each and every time we check it? Is there a God? Is there a reason to believe, to worship and to trust in His existence? Is there a reason to believe that everything we see has a deeper, hidden meaning that is real? Is there freedom? Is there responsibility? Is there hope? Is there a reason to have faith that things will be good in the end? Is there a meaning whatsoever to these series of unfortunate events? Is there a reason to be good and to avoid evil? Is there peace? Is there anything at all that's worth believing?

By Grace of Natural God, I do not know, nor do I believe, and yet nor do I reject. Amen.

Si c'est la verité, je n'accepte pas: Je ne peux si terrible verité accepter pas plus. Jamais!

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