Friday, July 20, 2012


See the video above? (I'm assuming there are viewers)

This is a way to mobilize Muslims, by saying that Christianity threatens Indonesia's demographics. I wonder, if it is true.

-People don't just leave Islam for Christianity just because they have unhappy lives. They leave Islam for Islam doesn't provide them with solace. What Islam provides? An untranslatable holy book, that one can hardly relate too, as it is full with wars, laws, threats to those who believe less; no body who do believe less will want to pick it up, unless they want to clarify the contents for themselves.

-What Islam provides? Laws; whenever one enters Islam, they have to subscribe fully to the laws, which came in full set, all the way from the ways to have sex with your wife up to whether one should live in a Muslim country or a secular country. Too much laws will prevent people to fully make sense of what the faith is really about, as they focused way too much on laws.

-What Islam provides? A shallow understanding of God; a God who won't listen to your prayers if you don't pray enough times a day, a God who insists on you admitting your wrongdoing and repenting regularly, a God who insists that His laws be the order of the nation. a God who insists! And we in Islam are just slaves to Him, no argument, no blaming the God, no complaints; do these and be an ungrateful slave. After all, it is God who lets you breathe.

-Well, I am not defending Christianity either. It is a stupid naive faith (pardon my language) who thinks that God would love you even if you sin, it really believes that somehow God can appear in human form and tells people you need to eat my flesh and drink my blood if you want salvation; Now in Christianity, we have a God who self-sacrifices Himself for Humanity! Such a Great God, innit? Except that it is really not logical to have a suicidal God. And their Scriptures are patchy; one moment the Scriptures tells you God loves everyone, another moment it tells you that the Jews are the Chosen People; one moment it teaches compassion, another moment it tells of prophets being merciless on an entire race-as God ordered them to do so. So it is not logical to have a God that behaves like a bad father in the first half of the Scriptures, only to have Him sobered up in the second half. It is almost as if there were two Gods. (Heck, maybe there ARE two Gods)

-But who cares? Nobody really cares about God; they care about themselves! Regardless of whether you are Muslim or Christian, your goal is the same; to save YOURSELF! You don't really enter these two faiths in God's name for your love towards God, you enter it for your selfish desire to be IMMORTAL and HAPPY in PARADISE!

-Ultimately, I think that both of these faiths are selfish faiths. That is why they will fight each other.

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