Saturday, July 28, 2012

-Godforsaken Rohingyas

-The Myanmar government doesn't want them. The Bangladeshi government doesn't want them. What option do Rohingyas have? Living in Arakan for years, yet never really welcomed by the native Rakhines, for they carry this stigma of being "Banglas", for they remind the majority Bamars of the dark history of Burma under British Raj--"Foreigners brought by the damned Englishmen,"

-Then we have the Bangladeshi government. They don't want Rohingyas back; yes, Rohingyas speak a language closely related to Bengali, yes, they share a common religion, them being both Muslims, yes, they look similar to each other; but Bangladesh is overpopulated, and there are not enough food, money, and living space for an extra 800, 000 people (not to mention the very real prospective of Bangladesh submerged by rising sea water level in the coming century, the shitty monsoon and the unstable political climate in Bangladesh), and the Bangladeshi government doesn't want Rohingyas crossing the border; they say it is a Myanmar problem.

-Yeah, the responsibility lies in the Myanmar government; that military junta, totally undemocratic, unfair to the minorities (remember, there are Christian Karens and Chins in Myanmar as well, and they too are being persecuted, hence the ongoing rebellion), and totally indifferent of the outside world--it is a hermit country, arguably only less crazy than the North Koreans, and you expect them to do anything to help the Rohingyas, who are not even considered citizens of Myanmar? You gotta be kidding me.

-But of course that is how the world keeps on rolling; keep problems unsettled, so that once in a while, some shitty, opportunistic politicians can make noises and get elected, by using these problems as their "issue that they'll attend to," or perhaps we can expect some celebrities to go and adopt a child/ donate a big fat check so they will appear as being conscious of the world's malaise, or perhaps some religion can use these as a sign that Armageddon is near, the Holy War to End All Wars is near, and then use those thing to recruit as many believers as they can, and perhaps sacrificing a few dedicated, zealous believers in the process, just to make sure that the religion's fame spread far and wide, as we all know that GOD LOVES EVERYONE!

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