Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Nisfu Syaaban, Anger and Old S**t

-Arafat might have been assassinated.

-What a great news, really made my day! After 8 years since Arafat died, only now people come forward and say such things? That's really great, it is really a great day for both the Palestinian and Israeli folks! Now we can expect more drama again soon-after all it's Ramadhan soon, so this will provide us with real entertainment after iftar and tarawih, by watching the news on internet, and this drama might as well distract pious, sexually active, long-bearded men, from both sides of the war, from their wives (or perhaps...we should never know!) by catering to their secret fetish-so secret that they themselves don't realize it- of bloody scenes! And we might as well drag as many people possible into the whole sitcom-the Turks and the Egyptians are more than happy to rehearse their new found role in the drama, and I am sure United States will reprise their role with more glee this time, while European, Latin American, and Muslim nations (we can forget about the godforsaken Asians, as per use) will be in their usual seats, reprising their roles with more or less changes in this sequel to the old drama, and know what? Let's make the drama a religious one too, invoke the name of God of Abraham during the whole season-Hallelujah for the One True God, Alhamdulillah for the One True Religion, that is strangely reliant on the Holy Land like a drug addict!

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