Tuesday, July 17, 2012


-Seriously, what are we heading towards? Are we heading towards denying the existence of the Other? Denying the existence of the Other is the beginning of the Destruction of the Self, as the Self cannot be sustained by its own will. The Self needs the Other. That is why God created Creation: God can't really exist without Creation, for the absence of Creation means that no one is going to verify the existence of God, and God in all of His Arrogance, will not accept this absence of Verification, for He is Arrogant and Insecure, and trust me, this is a compliment. God is Insecure, that is why He won't forgive any deviation from His worship. He is Arrogant, that is why He punished Satan at His full Will with the most twisted punishment ever: Postponing of Banishment to Hell, and Condemnation to being the Enemy of Men forever.

If even God needs His Creation, why would we as the tiny Self, deny the existence of Others? For Existence only achieves its full blossoming, the beauty of Existing, by this verification from the Others.

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