Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Religion 2


Today we would like to talk about a not-so-interesting topic called "Goddess Worship".

I would like to warn you that this "Goddess Worship" is a very, very dangerous thing. It can damage your heart, damage your brain, damage your lung, and damage your stomach as well.
Once you're involved with it, there's no way out.

Of course, if everything went well, then it will enhance your capability in almost everything you do. Study, sport, music, et cetera.

However, if it doesn't go according to plan, the consequences are severe.

You might end up an antisocial person who constantly has stomachaches and headaches. You will also lose your appetite, and this leads to loss of weight. You also get angry and sad much more often, and this will result in you having frequent fights and quarrels. You might get suicidal; trying to jump out of the room or slashing your arm can be a frequent thought in your mind.
Worse, you can only blame yourself for all these mess. You started it after all.

"I said don't bug with me, you rookie philosopher!"

What does this thing have to do with religion?

Well, like Quran said: Be careful with girls.

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