Saturday, September 11, 2010


I've had enough with 9/11.

Well, of course it was indescribably a disastrous, tragic and cruel killings of many people who lived and loved.

But, the way Americans treat the incident is now making me feel rather like, I'm so sick of the way they talk about it.

They talk about 9/11 as if it was the cruelest thing that has ever happened. This made me feel angry towards Americans.

Are they ignorant towards the mass killings of the Hiroshima-Nagasaki population, which left both cities in total ruins, and killed much more people?

Or the heavy fighting in Manila that killed 100, 000 Filipinos?

Let's stop the statistics. It doesn't matter how many people got killed. Even if only one person got killed, it will still be a cruel and tragic thing.

But, the Americans, I think, needs to stop using 9/11 as an excuse to preach their beliefs while suppressing other's.

What's wrong with building the mosque?

Yeah, it's wrong. It might propagate the ideals of terrorism, Muslim fanaticism.

Well, the reason why terrorism and Muslim fanaticism happens nowadays is because their so-called enemy, which refers to Americans, support the establishment of Israel, in a Muslim land.

The establishment of Israel itself is a big slap in the Muslim face.

The Muslims just can't let those Jewish have The City of The Dome of The Rock as their capital city. If I were to make an analogy, this would compare to the Soviet Union, or Nazi having New York as their capital.

Well, I don't dare say much. And so many people would disagree.

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