Thursday, September 30, 2010

Prayer 1

Bless her, forgive her, protect her, grant her everything she wishes, and help her, O Almighty Lord.

Don't abandon me when I'm in distress, even when I am being ungrateful, or even when I am lost.

Our Lord, forgive me, forgive me my parents, forgive her, forgive her parents, forgive everyone of our families, forgive everyone of our friends. Verily You are A Subtle and All-Loving.

Our Lord, don't make my heart feel uncertain, and don't test me with unbearable tests.

You are My Lord, Ar-Rauf, Al-Wahid, Al-Latif.

O Allah, don't forsake me, even when I struggled to believe.

Give me a firm place to stand on, give me my daily provisions, give me a heart that grows stronger every and each day.

Grant me the best Ending, don't give me the worst Ending.

You are the Truth, your promises are true, your love is encompassing, your forgiveness is all-reaching.

Forgive me, my Lord, and witness my struggle, verily you are The Judge.

All Praises be to You, and There Is No God But You.

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