Saturday, July 17, 2010

In My Heart

Just feeling like writing some shit, nothing very much in significance.
How fast time flies us by, no sound, no sign (unless you check your calendars everyday and notice the change in weather and so on) and definitely, no traces left behind.

Four months have passed since I arrived in Osaka. It's now summer, and it's freaking hot, it makes you remember the hazy days in Malaysia when precipitation is very low. Today's a very good weather (of course the day when I write this) and I'm thinking of going out for some exercise in the evening. (Of course this is prior to changes.)

The summer holiday is getting nearer, along with the exams. However, due to the very subjective, never objective nature of my course, instead of doing exams, I have to write some long reports. Well, guess I've to bear with it, and plus, it's quite fun, anyway.

But, I have doubts whether my report will land me good marks, or I will fail due to my Japanese, which still haven't quite reached the university standards.

Well, guess I just have to write them and pass them up. I can only do this much.

I'll try to obtain the highest grade possible.

It's still the first semester, so I don't have to worry much.

Life is tough, and it only gets tougher, and how I wish I can go back to 199, Jalan Pinang.
The address is no more, though. It has been demolished, haha.

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