Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hijab? Part 2

Well, this is not an exact sequel to the post Hijab? Part 1.

But I feel a need to write some things to reassess my religious views.

Last Friday, I have a little chat with one of my friends. It should have been a discussion on how to write reports, but in the end, we end up talking about different things. I've forgotten the details, but what am I going to write here is regarding the things I have talked there.

We discussed about capitalism, theological state ( specifically, Iran), Korean army conscription and Jesus. It's not a debate, we just talked about different points of view, without arguing which one is right, and not really in a serious mood ( you can't get serious when you are eating potato chips as you converse), but I can get some points.

1. Revolution against a system is only effective if you stay out of the system.
2. Capitalism affects everyone, is a way to world peace, but as a side-effect, you can barely fight those who are at the top of the system.
3. Attempting to talk about reports is just a waste of time, you better just write it straight away.

What does all these things have to do with the title?

Well, guess I'm out of topic again.

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