Wednesday, July 14, 2010


I was depressed. Again.

My head would think of a lot of things, big and small.
But somehow, these days, my mind seems to lose its control, unable to stop thinking where and when I should have stopped. The result, my mind feels burned, continues on thinking while it gets painful, as if my brain is squeezed dry.

This gets worse especially at nights, and no matter what I do, praying, eating, writing, reading-these won't stop my brain from working overload.

Every remedy is temporal, after a while, my brain gets jumped up again, and it can sometimes be very affecting to my behavior.

I've experienced days when I just couldn't write; if I try writing, I'll end up writing in a very sloppy writing, with big, irregular letters, frequent mistakes and repetitions.

I sometimes throw things in my room, books, watch, even guitars.

Beating the wall is a common thing.

Now, I'm getting worried.

Should I get some counseling from doctors?

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