Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Liberalism Is My Path

-As a liberal, I am always afraid. I am afraid of living in a world full of conservatives restricting my freedom on everything. I am afraid of all the rules that dictate my life, the rules that I have absolutely no say in, the rules that wasn't done with my consent. The rules that are enforced in the name of the so-called 'God', the rules that are enforced in the name of tradition, the rules that are enforced in the name of religions-I am afraid of them all, for the effect they have on my life, my intellect and my spirit.

-But I think sooner or later, there will be one day when I can declare my real faith, my real conviction, my real honest confession without fear. And how I wish I can be part of the progress myself, how I wish for friends who will help me toward this goal, how I wish for change that will progressively improve my life and expand everyone's freedom in their intellectualism and passion.

-I long for a day in which a Muslim can pursue his or her dream as a musician or an artist, without fear of censorship or judgmental crowds. I long for a day when a Malay and a Chinese can marry without the issue of their offspring being neither. I long for a day when people will value others the way they should be valued; by their compassion towards each other rather than by their individualistic and judgmental piety. I long for a future in Malaysia, where people won't ask about race, religion or beliefs; where one can really decide for themselves what is the best for them without any unnecessary bindings of religion and tradition. I long for a Malaysia that is progressive in its truest form; secular, liberal and dynamic.

-Malaysia without multiculturalism is no Malaysia. Malaysia without tolerance is no Malaysia. Malaysia without progression is no Malaysia. Malaysia has to be liberal. Malaysia has to be intellectual. Malaysia has to be secular. Malaysians must stop dividing themselves along the lines of race and religion, as both are superficial; instead, everyone must be allowed the chance to be true to themselves, not being pressured to join or participate in anything. Just because one is born Malay, doesn't mean he or she has to be a Muslim; that is totally up to the individual oneself, and there should be no limitation as to how one chooses to follow his or her path, as long as the path doesn't involve intolerance, bigotry, discrimination, bullying, peer pressure, or infringement of one's rights and privileges.

-There has to be a future for Malaysia. And that future involves lots of changes.

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