Thursday, October 25, 2012


It ain't that impressive, though. Lots of guys-lots of rich guys-do it all the time. What's more impressive is doing something that can get you famous, for instance, streaking on the campus...not for me, though; I am a social conservative, largely; although I do support LGBT rights, freedom of religion (that means going in and out of it, not just being different-Malays don't get that), I still consider myself a moderate social conservative (with variations from time to time). But let's not consider that for a moment; what I really wanted to say here is to wish a happy Eid to myself again:

عيد مبارك مني اليّ و اليكم في العام. و نسئال الله ان يتقبل مني م منكم دعاءنا فإنّه سميع الدعاء

God, you listening?

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