Thursday, October 18, 2012


-I am no fan of economics. I have never been one. Economics deal with some of the things I loath the most: namely, greed, materialism, survival of the fittest and money. I hate money, and I really despise the idea of a human system that runs on money, as it is a very fragile system that is prone to crashes, corruption and creates division between humans, dividing them along the lines of income and anything that comes along with it-education, welfare and mobility.

-Yet I grew to understand that economics play a large role in our lives as we humans are not just a social species; we are also an economy-oriented species. We categorize people as being rich and poor, we determine what we can and cannot have based on the amount of money we have, we exchange things with money, etc. Economy is a big issue in our increasingly global society; maybe it is the biggest issue, and it gets bigger and bigger as our human society gets more and more global each and every day. We have to keep an eye on a country far away from ours to see whether their economy is having problems or not, as in this era, a change in the economic situation in one country will have lots of direct and indirect effect on other countries, and it is not a matter of distance; Greece's economic woes affect the whole Europe, which in turn affects America, which again affects Asia: it it like a Domino game, only this time it concerns economy, not communism; and this time it is real.

-A lot of guys out there blames our capitalistic system as the source of our economic woes. Many others say that it is not the system that should be blamed; it is the participants who ought to be blamed for not taking their fiscal responsibility properly, while others point out to some of the bigger corporate players for being enormously dismissive and apathetical of others' plights, taking everything that they can and leaving a very tiny share left for other less competitive, or less lucky ones to share; and these less competitive participants in our economy tends to form the majority of the society (and as far as I can tell, it has never been the other way round, in any circumstances ever in our history), which accentuates the problem and adds injustice element to our economic woes worldwide.

-As I said earlier, I am no expert on economics. Therefore, from my position as of now, with my mediocre understanding of the dynamics of the economic system we have now, I don't think that I can even begin to provide a suggestion as to how we are going to fix our economic problems, much less producing a sure-fire, brilliant way to solve to problems we are facing now. But I do believe that somehow, the way the economics are being run now, there's something wrong in there; I wish can pinpoint the bug out, and I believe that there are lots of them, which is the reason why political leaders all around the world have, at times, again and again, failed to solve the problems we are having; the problems move from states to states, from nations to nations; all the leaders are doing, as of now, is to try and make sure the problems don't come to plague their constituencies, and if the problems come, they try to drive the problems away-yet to another constituencies; that is not solving the problem at all, that just perpetuates the whole thing.

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