Thursday, November 15, 2012

The One Who Created The Mirror

Palestine. Israel.
From the time I began to remember things, they have always been in conflict, war, hatred against each other.

Frankly, I am tired of that fucking conflict. Seriously, who in their right mind can keep on this hatred, this conflict for so long? Perhaps, both sides are crazy. They have suffered too long, being in war for way too long, that the idea of peace is scary to them. No, it is not the peace that scares them; it's the realization that they are in fact mirrors of each other. They refuse that, and keep on smashing the mirror, hurting themselves in the process; but the mirror is unbreakable, for it is not a mere objective mirror, but Reality itself; How can one then have peace?

We the spectators don't help at all. We try to help, but in doing so we fall into the trap of 'I am doing the right thing' and become a part of the problem itself; yet refusing to help, the problem keeps escalating. Because everyone has lost himself in the eye of the storm, no one knows who are they fighting against; they keep on yelling 'God destroys the enemy,' but with everyone shouting the same thing at the same time, can God help anyone and still be a fair God? After all, He made promises to both sides.

Maybe the problem lies with that God Himself. He was the one who created the mirror...

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