Sunday, October 31, 2010

Depression 3

-"Seek personal help la kawan".
One stranger told me that in a Facebook quarrel, in which I swore at him, using some very harsh and inappropriate words.
There's just no way I can apologize to him, because that would mean I acknowledge that he was right, when in fact, he was wrong for calling my friends bad names.
However, I also think that the names I've been calling him that day was way too harsh.
Guess I was depressed at that time.

A depression of no apparent cause. This is what I'm feeling now. If I were to describe it, I'd describe it as a sensation of having your chest being crushed from within. It is not a strong sensation, but it persists throughout the whole day.

No, I'm not having problems with study. In fact, I feel I'm doing extremely well with my studies.
It's just...I don't know. I feel so fucked up, so stuck up. For no apparent reason.

No wonder my muse got angry with me and abandoned me. Now I can't think of any tunes at all.
This is just so fucked up, I cannot think straight, I cannot feel straight.

I wish I can kill God. And destroy this world to oblivion.

But there's no point in doing that.

We can't do that anyway.

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