Saturday, November 13, 2010


-This week, all of us, the Faculty of Letters' students, were deciding on which sub-courcse they would take. We were required to choose three options that we would like to specialize.
I decided to take these three:

1. Philosophy
2. Oriental History
3. Music-Theatrical Studies

Well, why these three?

The first option, Philosophy is all about defining words, very basic words and questioning the basis of these words. "What does existence mean?""What does the word 'God' mean?""What does 'peace' stands for?""What is Time?" All of these questions are asked, thus Philosophy is a very dangerous thing to do, that some religious people shun this study. But the fear of thinking, due to the fear of going out of Quranic and Sunnah bounds, in my opinion, is the reason why we Muslims have fallen behind.

I wouldn't tackle such subjects, though. There's only a little possibility that I would really be immersed in philosophy and become a philosopher. I'm just doing the basics, I think. And to be precise, the kind of Philosophy I'm thinking of (yes, there are Philosophy sub-topics too) is Language Philosophy. What is that? It's the kind of Philosophy that deals with languages, words and nuances. I wouldn't go into details.

The second one, Oriental History is about Asian-African History. Here in Osaka University, they specialize on Central and South-East Asian History, and that is what I would like to study.

The third one, Music is taken simply out of interest. Well, one of the topics that they focus on here is Traditional Music, and there's quite an interesting subject. Being my third option, I do not think there's a high chance of me doing it, though.

Well, I would like to learn a little bit of everything, though, so I would prefer some freedom in deciding what I would like to study. Eclectic and liberal, these are the keywords.

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