Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Loved Ones, Far From My Two Eyes

I'm worried.

The news came that my house had been broken into last week. The burglar took away the hand-phone(s? I don't know exactly how many got stolen) and the laptop.
The burglary took place while my family broke their fast. Guess everyone's at the dining table, so no one's hurt. Thank God for that.
But the stolen laptop and hand-phone(s) mean that I'm as of now, out of contact with my family. Well, I have been out of contact with them for these three months, due to a lack of proper internet access in my home (just a few spur of wireless access), but now I basically lost direct contact with them.
Well, should I resort to traditional post-mails?

No wonder I feel so alone.

My loved ones, far from my two eyes.

I'm worried.

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