Friday, June 4, 2010

Yet Another Post?

Yet another post would not help save the world, it's just going to fill the internet with another stupid article, and will not precipitate the change I have longed for, for no one concerned reads it, except my friends, and I appreciate that they have came to my blog to read the useless stuff I vented, but I really feel that I can do more to change the situation of the world to a better place.

So, what's been keeping me?

Self desires, I suppose.

Just writing in a blog because it's fairly a risk-free way to tell the world that I am so f$%^ing annoyed with this and that, but in the end, does it change anything?


Can I stop who I feel needs to be stopped, just by typing words in my blog?


I really should take a more drastic action, a concrete action.

No way.

You're just too afraid of making sacrifices, you coward!
You can always go if you really want to go, but there's always another commitment:
Study, work, relationships, et cetera.

You're afraid of losing friends, you're afraid of having to abandon your education, you're afraid of spending your mediocre amount of money, you're afraid of losing the one you love, by making a drastic action.

I honestly am tired of second-guessing myself. But I can't help doing it anyway.

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