Thursday, June 10, 2010


Observe the conflicts happening around you.

Affair 1: A festive.
Side A: Bright cheerful cultural festive.
Side B: Sinful, sexually explicit festive.

Affair 2: Conducting business.
Side C: Right ways of conducting business profitably.
Side D: Lies and treacherous ways of maximising profit.

Affair 3: An attack.
Side E: Self-defense.
Side F: Terrorism.

Affair 4: Criticizing religion.
Side G: We are exercising our freedom of speech.
Side H: They are sprouting words of blasphemy.

Affair 5: A handling on a crime.
Side I: The act is a justified use of force.
Side J: The act is a heavy-handed use of force.

Affair 6: Perception towards those who fell in battles.
Side K: Martyrs who shed blood for our cause.
Side L: Killers who spilled blood of our people.

Affair 7: Debates between the pious and the skeptics.
Side M: Religion is the truth.
Side N: Truth is bigger than religion.

Affair 8: A children`s fistfight.
Side O: P is wrong because he threw things out first.
Side P: O is wrong because he provoked me first.

Affair 9: Ulama and politician.
Side Q: R doesn`t understand the demands of religion.
Side R: Q doesn`t understand the situation we are in.

Affair 10: Quarreling that happens between couples.
Side S: T is cheating on me!
Side T: S is overtly jealous!

Always the same story.

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