Monday, March 1, 2010

Republic Of Sarawak

I foresee that in the 21st century, Sarawak will break up from Malaysia.

The people of Sarawak are getting more irritated by what they perceived as "Malaya racism".

Religiously, Christian Sarawakians and conservatively liberal secular Muslim in Sarawak will not be able to cope with the increasingly fundamentalist progressive Muslim government in the Peninsula.

Sarawakians are increasingly alienated by the political climate in the Peninsula.
Bumiputeras in Sarawak do not espouse the Malay supremacy espoused by Peninsula Malays.

The economic divide between East and West Malaysia is getting more pronounced.

The political factor in Sarawak is the Bumiputeras. Malays in the Peninsula doesn't know and understand how Sarawak Bumiputeras think.
Worse, some even looked down on the Bumiputeras.

We Sarawakians are getting more removed from the Malays of Peninsula.
We Bumiputeras don't trust the Malays, because they took away our resources, sold them and used the money for themselves.

Federal Government is slowly becoming an imperialistic force in our eyes.

Somehow, the youths of Sarawak will not accept to be a part of Malaysia.
This is imminent if the Malays continue on with their Ketuanan Melayu concept and rhetoric.

We are getting more different from each other.


  1. これ、私なんとなくわかる気がする。政治の腐敗が広がってて私も怒ってるよ。


  2. What I'm saying here is my feelings only.....and I really prefer Malaysia, I really do....