Friday, August 8, 2014

The Twilight

-So the rocketing starts again in Gaza. This is an inhuman game, played by Israel and Hamas. Israel and Hamas both overstepped their boundaries and that resulted in thousands of Palestinians dead and amplification of hate.

-Seriously, when will these two sides learn, that even trying to kill, albeit unsuccessfully, just TRYING, will blow things up? I pity Mahmoud Abbas; Mahmoud Abbas is the real good guy in here, but he is going against Netanyahu and Khaled Meshaal; both of these two guys are better at their game than Abbas is at his game.

-That's it; it's all a game. Thousands dead; it's all a game. It's not about God or land; it's just stupidity and hate. Go on killing. I don't care if justice is served or not; let the strongest win!

(what can I do? I am not that good; everyone has got his/her limits; am I being an oppressor just by not doing anything right? only because I can no longer go on? I've had enough of this game of hate! Freedom is NOT achieved through hate! Security is NOT achieved through hate! Justice is NOT achieved through hate! Anger and violence do not solve anything!)

-The twilight signals evening prayers. Both Israel and Hamas need to reflect on their actions.

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