Sunday, July 6, 2014

Between Worlds

-I have started working in KLCC for Microsoft. The pay's pretty decent, the job's not too hard (for now) and the conditions are great. It will be a great place to start improving myself and carving myself a place in the society.
-But deep inside, I am really, really feeling insecure. What if I mess up? I can't afford to mess this up.
-And I also feel regret that I didn't use my youth the way youths are supposed to do; have fun, hang out with friends, be in a romantic relationship (well, the last one's just beyond me). Now all I have to do is grow up.
-Wouldn't it be nice to have someone who grows up with you and loves you the way you love her, and yet she also reminds you of simpler, younger times that you both experienced.
-I don't have that. I thought that I did, but perhaps I will never marry. I am an agnostic; I should be prepared to die a heathen. Heheheh.

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