Tuesday, January 3, 2012

I Hate Umeda

-I hate Umeda.

-It is a place where the robotic Japanese people walk to their place of work, crowding the place with their monotonous robotic faces, filling it with their miseries.

-It is a place where people send their their loved ones off somewhere, be it Malaysia, Korea, Kyushu, Kantou, anywhere, and has to depart from each other. It is a place where separation takes place on a daily basis; and it happens all the time.

-It is a place where, at night, drunkards roam the town; their miseries, kept under their masks in day light, all poured out, resulting in a nasty mix of beer stench, loud screams, miserable laughs and unnecessary tears.

-It is a God-forsaken place, a place where people have to hide their own fears from everybody else. It is a place where the only feeling you can get is loneliness, despite the crowds. At night, it is illuminated by the overwhelming electric lights, yet it is awfully dark and blinding.

-It is Hell on Earth, a Hell full of lying luxuries, luxuries from which I obtain no pleasure. The beer stench, the monotonous crowd, the unholy food, the sickening money, the train noises, the sight of bus departing every single fucking minute; I hate them all.

-How I hated it, to be seeing you board the bus there that night, dear little sister. God bless you.

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