Saturday, December 24, 2011

Anger on Christmas Pt 1

There's this stupid thing recently about not wishing Christians "Merry Christmas" because, as it was argued, wishing them Merry Christmas would be equivocal with us recognizing the Trinity of God, as Christmas is a celebration of the Nativity of the Son of God.


Poor people with backward religious beliefs, and lack of understanding of the history of religion in a humanistic sense, and also lack of thinking about the implications of not wishing Christians (or anyone who celebrates it, for that matter-not all those who celebrates Christmas are Christians, mind you), I don't know whether I shall pity them, or I shall be angry at them. Maybe I should be both.

We must know that 25 December is not the exact date of the Nativity of Yeheshua (this is Jesus' Hebrew name-I prefer this)-the formerly institutional pagan Romes would never know the exact date, as they were, under the National Imperial Roman Pagan Church, discriminating against Christians in a way that to today's standards, would be termed on par with the Nazi's Holocaust. So when the Roman Empire became Christian somewhere in the 4th century-300 or more full years after Yeheshua's supposed death on the Cross-it is logical, as illiteracy were rampant, that almost no one among them would know the exact date anymore.

So they took the 25 December as the date, as this was the date of Saturnalia, a Roman pagan festival celebrating the deity Saturn. So much for the purpose of celebrating the Christian creed.

Well, history put aside, nowadays people don't really celebrate Christmas to celebrate Jesus anymore. Some Christians do, I won't deny it, and in the religious Malaysia, the Christians are about as religious as Muslims, and they would be appalled by the suggestion that Christmas was a pagan Roman festival-"Ridiculous!" At any rate, wishing "Merry Christmas" is not the same thing as recognizing Trinity. There's a whole line of thinking among the Christians called Unitarism-those people don't believe in Trinity- and yet they still celebrate Christmas. Not to mention the contemporary atheists and agnostics who celebrate it for the fun of it.

Naive thinking among the religious sometimes pisses me off.

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