Friday, February 11, 2011

Sitting Down

-After hearing all the news last night, I can't help but to rejoice.

-But then I remembered one thing.

-I have done virtually nothing.

-It's like a joke, when you're celebrating things that you didn't actually fight for. I was just sitting down in my room, watching the news, surfing the net comfortably alone.

-I really didn't do anything.

-And here I am, with some misplaced arrogance, saying things in my blog, things about struggle, freedom, liberty and stuff. Do I really have a thorough understanding of these? Do I really care for these? Do I have it in me the courage and the willpower to say it when I have to say it openly?

-I really don't think so.

-In my blog, I have repeatedly said some of my stances. But I did not exactly express them in the most honest way; I have self-censored some parts, sugar-coat some parts, and saying things that I personally did not believe.

-But in this post, I think that maybe I can say some of the things I have been concealing, out of my fear.

1. I don't believe in Khilafah.
2. I don't want an Islamic state.
3. I don't want a state run by Islamic law.
4. I believe in a fully secular government.
5. I am a practicing Muslim, however at the same time, I also adhere to some Buddhist principles.
6. I am not a Sunni.
7. I don't believe that the Companions are all good people.
8. Yet, I am not a Shiite. I don't believe in Imamiyyah.
9. I don't believe that Muhammad really can be succeeded.
10. Khilafah ended with the assassination of Ali. Umayyads, Abbasids, and Ottoman Turks, are mere monarchies.
11. I believe that Islam should allow itself to be criticized.
12. I ultimately believe that there should be no governments at all.
13. I don't believe in the infallibility of the prophets and messengers. I don't believe in a maksum Muhammad.
14. I don't think that Quran should be followed absolutely.
15. I might be practicing Islam, but in my heart, I am a Deist, and a little bit Antitheist.

Well, to summarize, I am not mainstream Islam anymore.

-I wonder, if one day I have to go and fight for my beliefs.

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  1. jangan fikir sangat oi. jangan terlalu question about Islam