Monday, February 14, 2011


-It's ego, isn't it?

-To talk badly about other people, other ideologies, other kinds of values.

-It affects me too.

-It can affect me, real badly. It has. In fact, it is, right now.

-That's ego.

-Ego makes it hard to believe, makes it hard to accept other's advices, makes it hard to even think straight.

-Ego is the thing that makes me feel, after receiving any messages, like this:
"But then...,"Well,.....,""You see....""Er...."

-See? Doubt emanates from ego. How can one believe sincerely in the Lord's religion, when ego fills the brain and the heart?

-It's too hard. Our ego is an integral part of us.

-I need to keep on trying, don't just stop here, it's not yet the end.

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