Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A Traveller's Log

One month has passed since I left my not-so-beloved Malaysia for Japan.
Japan is quite a nice place for tourism.......but I am not a tourist.
That's a problem.

Here, there are many things that you have to adapt to. And some, I think, I will never adapt very well. Take, for instance, the toilet. When I go to the toilet, I have a very big problem.

How to wash your butt after you shit?

It sounds rather too rough, innit?

But it's a fact, here, they don't design toilets in the same way as Malaysians.
The toilet doesn't have a pipe in it, you see.
They expect you to use the tissue each and every time you use the toilet.
Imagine that. I tried wiping my butt once with the tissue.
It hurt. I got f***ing scratches on my f***ing butt!
No wonder Islam insists on enforcing Islamic country.
It is to make sure that every toilet has a pipe! That's all.

Ok, that's one problem. Another problem is regarding the amount of noise I can make in my room.
On weekends, when I got nothing to do, I grab my guitar and sing.
It was morning, 11 o'clock.
I played my keyboard. Then somebody knocked on my door.
I asked him, what's the matter.
He said people were trying to sleep, so keep my noise down.
Woi! It's 11 already! And you're trying to sleep?
My shit.

Ok, that's a problem, too.

Overall, the people have been very kind and nice. A little bit cold, but nice.
I already made some friends, and they are all very nice people.
Of course it is hard to communicate, as there are a lot of things that I don't understand, but they are very helpful.
There are friends that I can sleep together in class.
I tell you, who the hell is stupid enough to take Latin language classes that is taught completely in Japanese?
Ok, I am stupid enough.
Taking Philosophy, for what? I don't understand what the professor is trying to convey.
Ideas of The World, a very awesome name.....but actually the name should be "English-Japanese Transliteration Class".
When I chose "Discrimination Today"'s class, I didn't expect a class in which we are told that confessing that you're a homosexual is a most wonderful thing.
That's the Faculty of Letters,Department of Humanities.
Weird classes.

Reporting from Minami-Senri, Suita, Osaka.
This is Abdul Rauf The W4LR6S.


  1. Ok faham dah sekarang. Lain kali berak kat umah jak ok.

  2. rumah pun cam ya.....dua kali lima....