Thursday, April 15, 2010

Alangkah Ganjilnya Tuhan Itu

The title doesn`t have any connection with the post`s contents.
I`m getting used to the environment here, get to socialise with fellow students, whether locals or foreigners, enjoying the classes (I already know in which class I can sleep) and worrying about my loss of appetite, difficulties in finding halal food, skipping prayers and stuff.

At night, I relax in my room and use my phone to access the internet.

I`m lost.

I can`t comprehend the God`s plans for me.

Which is the reason why I used to hate Him so much.

Not anymore, though, but I realised one thing.

Nothing lasts forever.

Something that begins has to end.

When will my life end?

I can only wait. Until the Death comes, I will work hard to make ends meet.

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