Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Thank You, Dear Bloody Cold Wind

Oh well. Misfortune after misfortune.

First, my newly-bought bicycle was rendered unusable because someone locked and took the keys and disappear-I could not pull out the key, nor could I lock it-and I was forced to pull the bike from the monorail station, and on the way, the tyre blew off.

Second, my umbrella disappeared. I put it in the place the Japanese usually put their umbrellas in. After 1 hour or so, I checked it, and it was gone. Somebody must have mistook the umbrellas as his and took it. Well, just buying a new one would suffice, I thought. But the new umbrella couldn`t withstand the strong wind of yesterday. It was damaged the moment I opened it.

Today, I missed the train on 10.14. Which means I am late for the class. When I arrived at the class, the door`s already closed. I cannot enter the class. So here I am, venting in my blog, wondering if I will be able to escape the Go-gatsu Byo.

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