Sunday, December 6, 2009

A Stranger

Today was a busy day.
I woke up very early today, around 5 o'clock or something.
Took a bath, prayed, bought some food.
Then I went to UPM, in Serdang, to take the JLPT.
Man, it was really tiring, taking both the Level 1 and 2.

When I arrived in the test site, I was greeted by a large crowd of test takers.
I got to meet and spoke to my dearest kouhai (actually somewhere between crush and unrequited love.....but that ain't the point here) before taking the exam.
Man, it was so hard.

In the morning, Level 1.
In the evening, Level 2.
No rest at all.
Man, it was really a bad day.

After the exams, I went to my friends' house. Dinner and stuff.
We watched the tv. Such terrible news they had on the tv.
Man, it was so bad, so unlucky to have such news.

Then, we watched some kind of stupid reality shows.
I just watched, and laughed at the stupidity of the contestants.
Man, how bad can it be.

Heading back to the hostel, I thought.
I am here, a stranger in a foreign land, where they speak a different tongue.
How much longer must I hold on before the happiness come?
Oh Lord, my sweet Lord,
Help me.

My sweet love, lovely kouhai,
Can't you see?

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