Wednesday, November 20, 2013


-It is not a good time living in a Muslim society now.

-The reason is because of the tensions mounting due to changes unprecedented in the society as a whole, with the borders and the rights, as well as the status quo being rewritten, for better or for worse. C'est une moment historique; This era's gonna come down in history, hopefully as the renaissance of the Muslim civilization; but first one has to deal with the religion that calls itself Islam, the religion that becomes the ultimate final barrier that precludes the renaissance, due to some negative aspects of it that renders the believers and the society static in their state of mind, unable to handle democracy in its fullest form, unable to accept the changing reality and accommodate new knowledge that supersedes the established knowledge; the barrier needs to be dealt with, and I see only one way that this could happen; violence.

-But perhaps the neo-Muslims; namely, the new, progressive, democracy-loving, peace-loving, more forgiving, less judgmental, less rigid, rationalist and modernized Muslims who adhere to contemporary values instead of conservative values, might be able to learn from history and avoid from doing things the hard way. I don't know, I am not sure. I am an agnostic, my moves are limited.

-I smell persecution in the air. May God protect the minorities. But then again, is God real? And if He is, will he take care of the minorities? If only I were braver.

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