Friday, August 2, 2013

Life Ain't For Living

-I've been watching certain videos on Youtube. It's on MEMRI TV, which is known as a Zionist propaganda tool; 'propaganda is a lie even if you tell the truth,' hence I shall dismiss those videos as anti-Islam propaganda.

-And yet it is true; it is true that violence and oppression have been done repeatedly in the name of Islam, Allah and Muhammad, and the perpetrators have been consistently using Quran and Hadith to justify their actions; torture, murder, misogyny, badmouthing. And it is true that those who have been speaking out against this violent interpretations have been made to shut up in whatever way they can; in fact it is so bad that nobody speaks out anymore; you can't even begin to doubt and question the smallest things, because you are afraid that they will label you as an apostate, to be killed without the slightest mercy, for "do not let your mercy take hold of you in delivering Allah's Hudud."

-Quran has this whole side to it that, read in certain way, paves an easy way, an easy justification for ruthless violence; it is very easy to read Quran as a book of violence, a book that perpetuates war; anyone can do that and totally not feeling guilty about it.

-I am not sure anymore about how we can read Quran the best. "Obey Allah and Muhammad,""Don't raise your voice above that of Prophet's"; how does one do that? Is there a valid, legitimate representation of God that one has to listen to; some sort of jurisdiction that one has to be adhere; and does this jurisdiction holds validity that is perpetual even to this day?

-God declared war in At-Taubah against 'kuffar;' there's no declaration of peace after that declaration of war; just an ultimatum against the people, to 'stop' or to be killed. What does this 'kuffar' means? And stop doing what? Waging war against Muslims? Stop evil? Or stop being non-Muslims?

-I don't know anymore; perhaps the best way, the most realistic way of reading the Quran is to accept that it is a book that belongs in another age; perhaps Muhammad is just another human; "Muhammad is just another Rasul..." is Rasul as great a title as we perceive it to be? If you read Holy Bible, you would find out that those who Muslims believe to be Rusul are not infallible; Abraham and Lot were both incestuous, Moses committed genocide and murder, David stole another person's wife (and perhaps may even actually be a bisexual), Solomon was a polytheist, Job questioned God's way of doing things...but of course Holy Bible is to Muslims, just a book, altered and edited, 'no longer a Holy Book.'

-Who knows, perhaps Muhammad may not even be infallible; maybe Quran is just another book, written and uttered by a man, in the language of a man....and thus is not necessarily true. Who knows, perhaps Quran ain't the Word of God...perhaps that God never existed in the first place.

-Who knows?

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