Sunday, May 5, 2013

A New Nation

The election results are in. BN won again, but is still denied 2/3 majority by the ever-tightening coalition of PR. But allegations of fraud are marring the stage, and is personally making me feel sad.

-What I've seen in this election is a face of the Malay community I've always hated; their overt nationalism. Malay nationalism always foils the path towards real progress. It is the same song, be it BN, PKR or PAS; if it isn't Malay, then it's Islam we're fighting for.

-That, personally, for me, is utter rubbish. It is an outdated idea; it is the idea that divides the nation, undermines the common national identity, and is forcing the minority to fight for their rights--an otherwise unnecessary struggle, if Malays gave more time to weigh on the minority plight.

-But no! It's always Malay, Malay, Malay, Islam, Islam, Islam! Eliminating corruption is second to putting Malay Muslims at the helm of the government; I seriously wonder, how can a Malay who believes wholeheartedly in Islam, tolerates corruption, as long as it isn't the Chinese who is the ruler? And they accuse the minority of trying to take over Malaysia; all despite the fact that the minorities are as Malaysian as the Malays.

-That is one of the reason why I reject Malayification and Islamisation personally. I don't see how both sentiments are helpful in making Malaysia truly Malaysia. But it's a fact; Malays are the majority no matter what, and they would of course protect their exclusive rights to the highest positions; very much like the White Americans who vote for the Republican Party.

-But still, Najib Razak has promised to continue on reforms. Let's hope for the best.

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