Wednesday, September 12, 2012


-Observant people will be able to see, how this world has always been full of madness and contradictions. Thus, with all these chaotic events in our world, I wonder how can humans somehow live their lives happily, as if they don't know and don't care about things that happen to others? Maybe it is just that we humans are inherently selfish and apathetic beings that care only for those who matters to us, people who benefit us and serve us in some ways whilst being totally indifferent to those who doesn't matter.

-And yet sometimes, we do show some compassion to others who don't matter, but very often these are sporadic and an exception to the rule. The reason why we show others this kind of compassion and empathy is because we have been taught by the moralistic sages of the past that all humans, important or not to us, deserves and needs the attention and care, and it is our responsibility to try and make sure everyone is cared for. Thus we have people who helps others on regular basis, and we have philanthropic activities throughout the world, which while never enough to solve so many problems in humanity, serve as reminders of how humans can be really great and kind to others, and this is something that is righteous and should forever continue.

-And yet, in the middle of all the enthusiasm of helping others, come the ugly voices of ingratitude and prejudices among human race. Prejudice towards others due to their race, religious professions, economic classes, origins comes in the way of helping others, thus we still have in parts of the world a ridiculous and zealous bigotry that is immune to criticism due to its perceived sanctity and divine aspect, which are derived from mostly the very same sages that promotes the altruistic attitude mentioned above. Intolerance, belittling of others, breach of trust, and occasional, yet almost constant, violence are symptoms that highlight those prejudices that at times turn to hate and savagery.

-The illness of the world today lies mostly in the contradictions of these two overlapping realities, one side of the life that gives to itself the meaning of life, and the other side of life which erases the meaning from life and destroys itself from within. Humanity lives in this irony and duality, a reminder of how God Himself always defies traditional and conventional wisdom and understanding; maybe we should just all be true to ourselves, learn to be more altruistic and leave God as something that is not that necessary in the equation.

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