Friday, November 25, 2011

25 November

-Ari tuk ari birthday somebody. I almost forgot, until I saw the posts on Facebook. "Happy birthday~""Selamat ari menua~""Happy birthday, Jesus bless you~"...these kind of wellwishers wishing that somebody happy birthday.

-All of these, whilst me, stranded here watching and smoking Gudang Garam, wondering why we can't even be friends, even after nearly 4 years after secondary school.

-Ha ha ha. Not that I am sad or lonely, and neither am I having the "aku pengerindu nuan sulu" mood inside my mind. Well, I do feel it a little bit, but the mood is in Standard Malay, not Iban. Not anymore.

-Ah, the sweet 16. "The age when I was still a believer."

-Happy birthday, J*******a, may God protect you, know that somewhere inside his heart, this stupid fool still have some feelings for you.

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