Monday, July 4, 2011


-Unnecessary things keep on plaguing my world.

-Unnecessary political ideologies mar the planned rally to the Istana Negara (and also the plans made to stop it).

-Unnecessary comments, both supportive and derogatory, of the aforementioned rally, makes the whole thing unnecessarily bigger, and more troublesome.

-Unnecessary feelings harbor over Malaysian viewership of the events.

-Unnecessary things keep on plaguing my world.

-Unnecessary prejudices among people makes international problem-solving difficult, especially but not limited to Arab World, Korean Peninsula, Africa and the whole human-infested areas of the world.

-Unnecessary sexual activity among humans has led to projected, unnecessarily explosive world population control, which in turn led to unnecessary food problem, which as we already know, has been happening for a few too many years for now.

-Unnecessary human desires for comfortable living has led to unnecessary development of technologies and techniques designed for manipulating the planet in an unnecessary way, hence the unnecessary environmental problems.

-Unnecessary things keep on plaguing my world.

-Unnecessary ego keeps me from changing myself to become a better person, and that has in turn, been keeping me unnecessarily depressed.

-Unnecessary desires has brought onto me some problems with someone, whose names I would rather not mention in order to keep the peace, and that in turn makes me more unnecessarily depressed.

-Unnecessary carelessness has been plaguing me the last week, resulting in me having to fail two subjects in an unnecessarily stupid way, and that in turn gives me more unnecessary depression.

-Unnecessary things keep on plaguing my world.

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