Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Hijab? Part 1

I read some news about the issue of burqa in France, and somehow I was reminded on a lot of things regarding my religious life.

Personally, I am skeptical of my own religion: Islam. Despite praying regularly, frequently reading Quran to the point of nearly memorizing the contents in it, and attending a lot of religious classes-we call it "usrah"- I still have many reservations regarding the faith of Islam, Islamic law and Muslim scholars` interpretation-tafsir and takwil-of the Quran, and to some extent, rejecting some of the Hadith.

But I ain`t propagating my personal beliefs to just anyone. Why?

Because I am just a man, who had my own experiences, thoughts and views of life.

So, I ain`t going to enforce my beliefs on anyone.

I can only say it. Or for the most of time, since I am a coward, I just write it.

So regarding the issues of hijab, this is my point of view.

What you do is up to you.

You take responsibility for what you did.

And you must not enforce it on any one else.

We can teach people to wear, and yes, in Islam, it`s a must,but that`s it.

We can only teach.

Not anyone will agree, and I believe they have their points too.

But I believe in the ultimately personal relationship with God.

You may wear hijab, but God knows what`s really inside your heart.

Why lie to God?

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