Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dear Lord In Heaven

Dear Lord, Dear Lord In Heaven
The Most Glorious, The Soft, The Unknown
Hear Me O Lord.

Hear Me O Lord
In My Plight You'll Be
Hearing Me, Seeing Me
As I Walk To My Goal.

To You Is The Final Goal
To You, The Eternal.
To You Is The Final Point
To You, The Eternal.

Dear Lord Thy Providence
Thou Hast Provided Me
The Provisions,
Yet Dear Lord
I Ask For More.

More And More Each Day
As The Road Turns Ugly.

O Lord The Mighty Lord
The Creator Of Desires
Let Not Lust Befall Me.
Let Not Sorrow Befall Me.

Keep Me In Thy Hands.
O You The Judge.

Keep Me In Thy Eyes.
O You The Overseer.

Protect Me From The Pain
Of Being Unloved And Being Forsaken.
Dear Lord, The Only One.

I Am No Noah
I Am No Abram
I Am No Moshe
I Am No Yeheshua
I Am No Muhammad.

But I Wish To Be The Best Of Myself.
Help Me, Mine Lord.

Only In Thou I Confide
Only In Thou I Beseech.

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