Sunday, February 23, 2014

Humanity and Religion (part 6)

-But cursing requires hate, and furthermore, it increases hatred. Sooner or later, we have a population of people who are both violent and hateful. Most animals are violent, but it is doubtful that they are hateful animals; Lions don't kill deer out of hate, they kill out of a need to consume food. Violence and hatred are actually separate from each other; violence may and has existed independently of hatred; but why are then they interlinked? Because hatred may spark violence, and with a population of humans cursing the nature for not bending down to their will, sooner or later, these humans started doing what Quran termed as 'fasad fil ardh': damaging on earth. And these damages are done out of hate; hate for the nature.
-When one starts hating the nature, it becomes an endless expansion; nature is after all an all-encompassing term, and hating the nature easily leads to hating other things, as all is nature and nature is all. Hatred drives humanity; it spurs the desire to fight, the desire to struggle; struggling against nature requires a certain disdain of nature. One hates the fact that the rivers floods every now and then, so he builds an irrigation system to control the floods; one hates the fact that plants usually flower and bear fruits once a year, so he genetically enhances them so they can yield more flowers and fruits. Hatred becomes a force by which human eliminates things considered as undesirable to human convenience; it is both selfish and self-rewarding at the same time.
-But is cursing the impetus for hate? No; cursing is just an expression of hate. But by expressing hate through cursing, the hatred is defined more properly; no longer is hatred a purely abstract concept that lies at the subconscious, a concept that has no form; it is now a directed form of sentiment that begets force and action. It is no more a mere agitation; it is now a usable tool that can cause and puts things into motion. Cursing is a part of language, and language gives form to hatred through cursing.

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