Tuesday, April 9, 2013

حسرة قديمة

When I look back at the things I've said and done, there are certain things that I am sure will be going to haunt me, and some of these things are haunting me now.

But forget about that; there are also dreams left undone, abandoned and not pursued; sometimes you have to choose between pursuing your dreams and accepting the inevitable. When was the time when I said I wanted to start an alternative rock band? That was in the past now; whether I would be able to pursue this dream again sometime later in the future remains to be seen; everyone's growing old and their responsibilities grow as such.

Growing old, huh? Here I am at 23 years old, the age in which I used to reckon back in Rosli Dhoby that I will get a girlfriend; After 5 years, there's no change in my love life--maybe I should just give up, castrate myself and be a Buddhist monk! Ha ha ha. Why Buddhist? I don't know, at least it's better than Catholicism, or God forbid, Jainism. Talk about bashing religions here; let's just accept it that we will bash religions from time to time, and that killing some dude for being honest about his hatred of other religions, especially that of yours, isn't really a good way to propagate your religion which demands obligatory propagation. Do I need to say the name of that religion of yours again?

But at any rate, religion isn't the biggest force in our lives. Reality is.

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