Saturday, October 22, 2011

New Design For An Old Battered Heart

-Neh. I redesigned the blog out of boredom. Plus, it is a way to remind myself that a long time had passed since I left Sarawak in 2008 to pursue my studies, that ultimately proved to be a start of my new life.

-"My new life." Sounds optimistic, right? But my experience and observation has taught me, that this 'new life' is not what it may sounds like; to many inexperienced boys and girls, the phrase holds promises, yet to me and to some other pessimistic humans, the phrase brings a scary prospect. "What is it going to be like?""Where am I going from now on?""Do I really get to decide and determine my path from now on?"

-The questions, not many of us know the answer. Or even if we know the answer, ultimately the answer proved to be too idealistic, too optimistic and doesn't align with the reality of our lives, which makes the answer a white innocent lie and falsity, and the fact brings almost everyone with a faint heart down. Only those who are strong enough survive. Luckily, humans are indeed programmed to survive; thus, many people emerge from the depths of their despairs a reformed and stronger person. However, not all of them are entitled to such awards; some choose to give up. Which is kind of sad and weird, because everything is supposed to be an act of God.

-Many people would argue that God is the best planner, God knows better and God has better plans reserved for those who are in deep despair. They may be right; but then again, they may be wrong.

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