Friday, February 19, 2010


Let's review my aqidah status....
1. Pillars of Faith
a) Allah
-To me, Allah is a God that Hides. He Hides Himself, so sometimes I can't feel His presence.

b) Angels
-Angels, I didn't have any kind of contact with them.

c) The Scriptures
-I still can't understand Arabic much. And ain't interested in reading Bible.

d) Messengers
-Never saw one. Never had a proper conversation with one.

e) The Day of Judgment
-Feels so far away in the future. Hell and Heaven, really couldn't care less.

f) The Destiny
-I blame it on everything bad I've done, and encountered.

2. Pillars of Religion
a) Shahadah
-Read it in prayers, without realizing it.

b) Solat
-Always praying outside of the time, and without concentration.

c) Fasting
-Trouble with the lustful nights.....:-p

d) Alms
-Never pay by own money. Still rely on parent.

e) Hajj
-Don't have enough money, time and courage to do that right now. Not now.

I think, right now, as I am, I am a liberal Muslim. And I don't support Qutbism, I don't support Wahhabism, I don't support Velayat-e-Faqih, or any other theocratic ideology. I don't support the re-establishment of Khilafah.
Islam is, as I saw it, a secular religious way of life.

Because there's the situation called "sah tapi haram."
Sinful, yet valid.

We must accept that Islam is not monolithic.
Islam is a light.
A light will have spectrum.
Conservatives, liberals, fundamentalists, heretics, sects, secularists,
all of these are part of Ummah.
If you can't accept these, you are not Muslim enough.
"Love your brethrens."
Regardless of their ideology.

Because Islam is not an ideology.
It is a way of life.
If you live in a desert but practice the way of the people of the tropics,
you'll die. Period.

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